Needle sweep / Collection

Keeping you, your customers, residents and staff safe from discarded needles and sharps.

Our fully trained and insured staff know where and what to look for, providing peace and mind for all.

Internal or externally, our staff know the importance of efficiency and thoroughness when faced with this threatening situation and will always use their skills, experience and judgment to provide a safe environment for all.

Bodily fluids

Its not just the dangers of blood borne pathogens or unpleasant sight/smell.

its often the events that let up to the sometimes traumatic or upsetting circumstances that have to be addressed, our staff are sympathetic and respectful as well as discreet in every situation.

Trained to a city and guilds accreditation and using the safest, efficient methods to achieve the desired results.

Clinical waste disposal

You can be assured that all our clinical waste is transferred to incineration via Rentokil/Initial.

All waste is recorded in line with current legislation and a consignment note is provided for every collection.

Call outs / Emergancies

We know that accidents and incidents don't always happen during office hours.

For our contracted and regular customers we provide a 24 hour call out 7 days a week.

Our take on this area

Lets face it, business is about making money, Bio hazard cleaning is a very lucrative area, whist some of the so called big boys take advantage of this and the vulnerability of the customer, our ethos is that in time of crisis or emergency, price should not be a factor that has to be a concern, Our standards of work are not compromised, our customer service is unrivalled and out integrity is always left in tact.

Give us a try, we wont disappoint.

The photos below are some of the many actual tasks we have faced, we have never received bad feedback or an unsatisfied customer. And we wont.